How to Merge (combine) multiple excel "xlsx" files into one file


How to Merge (combine) Multiple Excel files ".xlsx or .csv" into one file. (Supports Multi-Language)

MergeExcel.exe is a free tool that will make your life much easier dealing with multiple excel files.

While this can be done manually, it would be time-consuming and error-prone

Working with many xslx files and merging them together in one file is really boring and tough work specially with so many xlsx files, now i have a solution without even VB codes and with just one click as following: 

1-  download the free tool  called "mergeexcel.rar" from the below link: 

Download MergeExcelFiles_V.3.rar Link:

- Extract the mergeexcelfiles.rar  and copy mergeexcel.exe file as shown below ..

2- Copy the file and paste it into the directory where you have multiple xlsx files needed to be Merged.


3- Open the file by duple-click 

4- There are 2 options , click the first one to  merge all xlsx files in the directory to one single xlsx file.

the merging results will be added in the directory as shown below ..  

Note: Combining CSV Files Feature added to the Software

Download Link:

Download free software from the link below:

Thanks for your support. for more tools, articles, and videos, share the post link to all your friends .. :) 

Let me know in the comment sections any ideas or suggestions ... 


Ahmed B. Darwish


  1. Very good Mr Darwish. Very useful tool especially when dealing with data mining and exporting massive data in excel


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